Apana to apiha

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apāṇa : [nt.] breathing out. || āpaṇa (m.), bazaar; market. āpāṇa (nt.), breathing; exhalation.

apādaka : [adj.] footless; creeping. || āpādaka (m.), one who takes care of a child; a guardian.

apāpuraṇa : [nt.] a key.

apāpurati : [pa + ā + pur + a] opens.

apāya : [m.] the hell; state of loss and woe; lapse; loss.

apāyagāmī : [adj.] going or conveying to the state of misery.

apāyamukha : [nt.] cause of ruin.

apāyasahāya : [m.] a spendthrift companion.

apāraneyya : not leading to the other shore; unattainable.

apālamba : [m.] leaning board (of a carriage).

api : [ind.] and; even; and then.

api ca : [ind.] but; further.

api ca kho : [ind.] and yet; still.

api nu : [ind.] used in an interrogative sense.

apidhāna : [nt.] a cover; lid.

apināma : [ind.] if (we) may.

apilāpana : [nt.] non-floating.

apissu : [ind.] so much so.

apiha : [adj.] not greedy.