Aparadhika to apalikhi

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aparadhika : [adj.] guilty; criminal.

aparanta : 1. the last end; 2. the future; 3. name of a country in Western India.

aparanna : [nt.] leguminous seeds (such as peas) other than cereals.

aparappaccaya : [adj.] not relying on others.

aparabhāge : [loc.] afterwards.

aparājita : [adj.] unconquered.

aparādha : [m.] offence; guilt; crime.

aparādhī : [adj.] guilty; criminal.

aparāpariya : [adj.] ever-following; successive.

apariggahita : [adj.] unoccupied; not possessed.

aparicchinna : [adj.] unlimited; not separated.

aparimāṇa : [adj.] limitless; immeasurable.

aparimita : [adj.] unlimited; measureless.

aparuta : [adj.] opens.

apalāyī : [adj.] not running away; fearless.

apalāleti : [pa + lāl + e] caresses; fondles.

apalālesi : [aor. of apalāleti] caressed; fondled.

apalikhati : [pa + likh + a] scrapes; licks off.

apalikhana : [nt.] licking off; scraping.

apalikhi : [aor. of apalikhati] scraped; licked off.