Aphala to abbha

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aphala : [adj.] fruitless; vain; useless.

aphassita : [adj.] not touched.

aphāsu : [adj.] uneasy; difficult; troublesome.

aphāsuka : [nt.] illness.

abaddha : [adj.] unfettered; free; not bound. || ābaddha (pp. of ābandhati), bound to; fastened on to.

abandhana : [adj.] unfettered; free; not bound.

ababa : [nt.] name of a purgatory; a numeral with 76 ciphers.

ababhāsa : [m.] light; appearance.

abala : [adj.] weak; feeble. || abalā (f.), a woman.

abādha : [adj.] without any hindrance. || ābādha (m.) disease; affliction.

abādhesi : [aor. of ābādheti] oppressed; harassed.

abbaṇa : [adj.] woundless.

abbata : [adj.] without moral obligations.

abbuda : [nt.] 1. a tumour; 2. the foetus in the 2nd week after conception; 3. cause of disunion; 4. name of a purgatory.

abbūḷha : [pp. of abbūhati] drawn off; pulled out

abbūhati : [ā + vi + ūh + a] draws off; pulls out.

abbūhi : [aor. of abbūhati] drew off; pulled out

abbokiṇṇa : [adj.] uninterrupted; constant; not crowded.

abbocchinna : [adj.] uninterrupted

abbohārika : [adj.] negligible

abbha : [nt.] sky; cloud.