Appaka to appana

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appaka : [adj.] small; little; insignificant. (nt.), a little.

appakasirena : [adv.] with little difficulty.

appakicca : [adj.] having few duties.

appakiṇṇa : [adj.] not crowded; quiet.

appagabbha : [adj.] not proud or impudent.

appaggha : [adj.] of a little value.

appaccaya : [m.] sulkiness. (adj.), without a cause.

appaṭigha : [adj.] unobstructive; without anger.

appaṭinissagga : [m.] not giving up.

appaṭipuggala : [m.] matchless person.

appaṭibaddha : [adj.] not connected with.

appaṭibhāṇa : [adj.] bewildered.

appaṭima : [adj.] incomparable.

appaṭivattiya : [adj.] not to be rolled back.

appaṭivāna : [adj.] not shrinking back.

appaṭivānī : [m.] a zealous person.

appaṭividdha : [adj.] not attained or understood.

appaṭivedha : [m.] non-grasping.

appaṭisandhika : [adj.] 1. incapable of rebirth; 2. unmendable.

appaṇā : [f.] fixing of thought on an object; attainment of a trance.