Arahati to ariyasacca

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arahati : [rah + a] is worthy of; deserves.

arahatta : [nt.] state of an arahant; final emancipation; the highest stage of the Path; sainthood.

arahattaphala : [nt.] final emancipation.

arahattamagga : [m.] the path to emancipation.

arahaddhaja : [m.] monks' yellow robe.

arahanta : [m.] one who has attained the Summum Bonum.

ari : [m.] enemy.

ariñcamāna : [adj.] not giving up; pursuing earnestly.

ariṭṭha : [adj.] cruel; unlucky. (m.), 1. a crow; 2. nimb tree: 3. soapberry tree. (nt.), medicinal spirit.

aritta : [nt.] a rudder. (adj.), not empty or futile.

arindama : [3] tamer of enemies; a conqueror.

ariya : [adj.] noble; distinguished. (m.), a noble man; one who has attained higher knowledge.

ariyakanta : [adj.] agreeable to the Ariyas.

ariyadhana : [nt.] sublime treasure of the Ariyas.

ariyadhamma : [m.] noble practice.

ariyapatha : [m.] deportment; four postures, viz: walking; standing; sitting, and lying down.

ariyapuggala : [m.] one who has attained higher wisdom.

ariyamagga : [m.] the path to attain higher wisdom.

ariyasacca : [nt.] an established fact; noble truth.