Aruppa to arocesi

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āruppa : [nt.; m.] an incorporeal being; formless state.

āruyha : [abs. of āruhati] having ascended; having mounted; having climbed.

āruhati : [ārohati ā + ruh + a] ascends; mounts; climbs.

āruhana : [nt.] ascending or climbing up.

āruhanta : [pr.p. of āruhati] ascending; climbing.

āruhi : [aor. of āruhati] ascended; mounted; climbed.

āruhya : [abs.] having ascended; mounted; climbed.

ārūḷha : [pp. of āruhati] ascended; mounted; climbed; embarked.

ārogya : [nt.] health.

ārogyamada : [m.] pride of health.

ārogyasālā : [f.] hospital; sanatorium.

ārocanā : [f.] announcement.

ārocāpana : [nt.] announcement or information through an agent.

ārocāpeti : [caus. of āroceti] causes to tell; causes to inform; causes to announce.

ārocita : [pp. of āroceti] told; informed; announced.

ārocetabba : [pt.p. of āroceti] should be informed.

āroceti : [ā + ruc + e] tells; informs; announces.

ārocesi : [aor. of āroceti] told; informed; announced.