Asaraddha to asuci

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asāraddha : [adj.] not excited; cool.

asāhasa : [adj.] not violent; meek.

asi : [m.] sword. || āsi (3rd sing. aor. of as), he was. (aor. of āsati), sat. āsī (f.), blessing; fang of a snake.

asiggāhaka : [m.] sword-bearer (of a king).

asicamma : [nt.] sword and shield.

asita : [(na + sita) adj.] black. (nt.) 1. food; 2. a sickle. (pp. of asati or asnāti:) eaten.

asithila : [adj.] stiff; not loose.

asidhārā : [f.] the edge of a sword.

asipatta : [nt.] blade of a sword.

asissaṃ : [v.] I shall eat.

asissāmi : [v.] (I) shall eat.

asīti : [adj.] eighty.

asītima : [adj.] eightieth.

asu : [adj.] such and such. || āsu (ind.), quickly.

asuka : [adj.] such and such.

asuci : [m.] dirt; excrement; dung; semen. (adj.) impure; unclean.