Asmi to assaratha

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asmi : [1st sing. of as] I am.

asmimāna : [m.] the pride of self; egotism.

assa : [3rd sing. potential] may be. (Dat. and Gen. sing. of ima:) to this; of this. (m.), 1. a horse; 2. a corner. || assā (f.), a mare. (Dat. and Gen. sing. of ima:) to her; of her.

assaka : [m.] penniless. (adj.), having nothing as one's own.

assakaṇṇa : [m.] 1. Sal tree; 2. name of a mountain.

assakhaluṅka : [m.] inferior horse.

assagopaka : [m.] a groom.

assatara : [m.] a mule.

assattha : [pp. of assādeti] comforted; consoled. (m.), the holy fig tree Ficus Religiosa.

assatthara : [m.] covering for a horse.

assadamaka : [m.] horse-trainer.

assadamma : [m.] a horse to be trained.

assaddha : [adj.] faithless; unbelieving.

assaddhiya : [nt.] disbelief.

assapotaka : [m.] a colt or foal.

assabandha : [m.] a groom.

assabhaṇḍaka : [nt.] horse-trappings.

assama : [m.] hermitage.

assamaṇa : [m.] a bogus monk; one who has fallen from the monkshood.

assamaṇḍala : [nt.] racing ground for horses.

assamapala : [m.] site of a hermitage.

assamedha : [m.] horse-sacrifice.

assayuja : [m.] name of a month, October-November.

assaratha : [m.] horse-carriage.