Atana to atthama

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aṭana : [nt.] roaming about.

aṭani : [f.] frame of a bed.

aṭavi : [f.] forest.

aṭavimukha : [nt.] outskirts of a forest.

aṭavisaṅkhobha : [m.] an agitation among wild tribes.

aṭisevanta : [pr.p. of paṭisevati] following; pursueing; practising; indulging in; using a medicine, etc.

aṭṭaka : [m.] a high platform or scaffold for watchers workers.

aṭṭakāra : [m.] a litigant.

aṭṭassara : [m.] cry of distress.

aṭṭāna : [nt.] a post incised with squares and used as a rubber by bathing people.

aṭṭita : [pp. of ardayati] distressed; grieved; afflicted with.

aṭṭīyati : [aṭṭ + ī + ya] is in trouble; is worried.

aṭṭīyana : [nt.] dislike; disgust: loathing. || aṭṭīyanā (f.), dislike; disgust: loathing.

aṭṭīyi : [aor. of aṭṭīyati] was in trouble; was worried.

aṭṭhaṃsa : [adj.] octagonal.

aṭṭhaka : [nt.] a group of eight.

aṭṭhaṅgika : [adj.] having eight constituents.

aṭṭhapada : [nt.] a chessboard.

aṭṭhama : [adj.] the eighth.