Atideva to attippago

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atideva : [m.] a super god.

atidhamati : [ati + dham + a] beats a drum too often or too loud.

atidhami : [aor. of atidhamati] beat a drum too often or too loud.

atidhāvati : [ati + dhāv + a] runs fast; passes over the limits.

atidhāvi : [aor. of atidhāvati] ran fast; passed over the limits.

atidhonacārī : [adj.] one who indulges too much in food, clothes, etc.

atināmeti : [ati + nam + e] passes time.

atināmesi : [aor. of atināmeti] passed time.

atipaṇḍita : [adj.] too clever.

atipapañca : [m.] much delay.

atipassati : [ati + dis + a] sees clearly.

atipassi : [aor. of atipassati] saw clearly.

atipāta : [m.] slaying; killing.

atipātī : [m.] slayer; destroyer.

atipāteti : [ati + pat +e] destroys; kills.

atipātesi : [aor. of atipāteti] destroyed; killed.

atippageva : [ind.] very early.

atippago : [ind.] very early.