Attharati to atho

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attharati : [ā + thar + a] spreads; lays out.

attharāpeti : [caus. of attharati] causes to be spread.

atthari : [aor. of attharati] spread; laid out.

atthavasa : [m.] reason; use.

atthavādī : [m.] one who speaks good.

atthāya : [dat. of attha] for the sake of, Kilamatthāya = what for?

atthi : [as + a + ti] to be; to exist. || aṭṭhi (nt.) 1. bone; 2. a hard seed. atthī (adj.) desirous of; seeking for.

atthika : [adj.] desirous of; seeking for.

atthitā : [f.] existence; the fact of being present. || aṭṭhita (adj.), not steadfast.

atthibhāva : [m.] existence; the fact of being present.

atthiya : [adj.] desirous of; seeking for.

atthu : [imper. of atthi] be it so.

atra : [adv.] here.

atraja : [adj.] born from oneself. (m.), a son. || atrajā (f.) a daughter.

atriccha : [adj.] very greedy. || atricchā (f.) excessive greed.

atricchatā : [f.] excessive greed.

atha : [ind.] then; and also.

atha ca pana : [ind.] and yet.

atha vā : [ind.] or.

atho : [ind.] then; and also.