Attmanata to attharana

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attmanatā : [f.] joy; pleasure.

attha : [m.] welfare; gain; wealth; need; want; use; meaning; destruction. (attha pres. 2nd plu. of atthi.) || aṭṭha (adj.) eight.

atthaṃ carati : works for welfare.

atthakathā : [f.] explanation; exposition; a commentary. || aṭṭhakathā (f.), a commentary; explanation of meaning.

atthakara : [adj.] beneficial.

atthakāma : [adj.] well-wishing.

atthakusala : [adj.] clever in finding what is beneficial; clever in exposition.

atthakkhāyī : [adj.] showing what is profitable.

atthagama : [m.] setting down; extinction.

atthaṅgama : [m.] setting down.

atthacara : [adj.] doing good; busy in the interest of others.

atthacariyā : [f.] doing good.

atthaññū : [adj.] one who knows the meaning or what is good.

atthata : [pp. of attharati] spread over with.

atthadassī : [adj.] intent upon the good.

atthabhañjaka : [adj.] destroying the welfare.

atthara : [m.] a rug; a carpet. || atthāra (m.), spreading out.

attharaka : [m.] one who spreads over. || atthāraka (m.), one who spreads out.

attharaṇa : [nt.] a covering; a bed-sheet.