Avanna to avanati

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avaṇṇa : [m.] blame; disrepute.

avataṃsa : [m.] a garland for the crest.

avataraṇa : [nt.] descending; entering; plunging into.

avatarati : [va + tar + a] descends; enters; plunges into.

avatari : [aor. of avatarati] descended; entered; plunged into.

avatāra : [m.] descending; entering; plunging into.

avatiṇṇa : [pp. of avatarati] fallen into; affected with.

avatthaṭa : [pp. of avattharati.] covered over; overpowered.

avattharaṇa : [nt.] 1. an array; 2. covering over; 3. overpower.

avattharati : [ava + thar + a] covers over; overpowers.

avatthari : [aor. of avattharati] covered over; overpowered.

avadāta : [adj.] white; clean.

avadhāraṇa : [nt.] emphasis; selection.

avadhārita : [pp. of avadhāreti] selected; affirmed.

avadhāreti : [va + dhar + e] selects; affirms.

avadhāresi : [aor. of avadhāreti] selected; affirmed.

avadhi : [m.] boundary; limit.

avanati : [f.] stooping; bending.