Avasara to avassayi

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avasara : [m.] chance

avasarati : [ava + sar + a] goes down; arrives.

avasari : [aor. of avasarati] went down; to arrived.

avasāna : [nt.] the end; conclusion; cessation.

avasiñcati : [va + sic + ṃ-a] pours over; sprinkles.

avasiñci : [aor. of avasiñcati] poured over; sprinkled.

avasiṭṭha : [pp. of avasissati] remaining; left over.

avasitta : [pp. of avasiñcati] poured over; sprinkled.

avasissati : [va + sis + ya] is left over; remains over.

avasissi : [aor. of avasissati] was left over; remained over.

avasussati : [va + sus + ya] dries up; withers.

avasussana : [nt.] drying up; withering.

avasussi : [aor. of avasussati] dried up; withered.

avasesa : [nt.] remainder. (adj.) remaining.

avasesaka : [nt.] what is left over.

avassaṃ : [adv.] inevitably.

avassaya : [m.] support; help.

avassayati : see avasseti.

avassayi : [aor. of avasseti] leaned against; depended on.