Avheti to asanga

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avheti : see avhāti.

asaṃvāsa : [adj.] unfit to associate.

asaṃvuta : [aor. of asaṃvuṇāti] not closed; unrestricted.

asaṃsaṭṭha : [adj.] unmixed.

asaṃhārima : [adj.] immovable.

asaṃhīra : [adj.] unshakable; unconquerable.

asakiṃ : [adv.] more than once.

asakka : [adj.] unable; impossible.

asakki : [aor. of osakkati] drew back; lagged behind; retreated.

asakkuṇeyya : [adj.] unable; impossible.

asakkonta : [adj.] unable; impossible.

asakkhi : [aor.] was able.

asakkhimāna : [aor. of sakkoti] was able.

asaṅkiṇṇa : [adj.] unmixed; not crowded.

asaṅkiliṭṭha : [adj.] not stained.

asaṅkhata : [adj.] unconditioned; unprepared.

asaṅkhatadhātu : [f.] the unconditioned state.

asaṅkheyya : [adj.] incalculable. (nt.), the highest numerical written with 141 ciphers.

asaṅga : [m.] non-attachment.