Avisi to asajja

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āvisi : [aor. of āvisati] entered; approached; 2. was possessed by a spirit.

āvuṇāti : [ā + vu + nā] 1. strings upon; 2. fixes on to.

āvuṇi : [aor. of āvuṇāti] 1. strung upon; 2. fixed on to.

āvuta : [pp. of āvuṇāti] 1. strung upon; 2. covered; 3. hindered. (pp. of āvarati) shut out from; obstructed.

āvuttha : [pp. of āvasati] inhabited.

āvudha : [nt.] weapon.

āvuso : [ind.] (Vocative), friend; brother. (A form of polite address among monks).

āveṭhana : [nt.] winding round; ravelling.

āveṭhita : [pp. of āveṭheti] twisted or wraped over.

āveṭheti : [ā + veṭh + e] twists or wraps over.

āveṭhesi : [aor. of āveṭheti] twisted or wraped over.

āveṇika : [adj.] special; exceptional; separate.

āvellita : [pp.] curved; crooked; curled.

āvesana : [nt.] 1. entrance; 2. work-shop.

āsaṅkati : [ā + sak + ṃ-a] suspects; distrusts.

āsaṅkā : [f.] doubt; suspicion; fear.

āsaṅki : [aor. of āsaṅkati] suspected; distrusted. || āsaṅkī (adj.), apprehensive; doubtful; suspicious.

āsaṅkita : [pp. of āsaṅkati] suspected; distrusted. (adj.), apprehensive; doubtful; suspicious.

āsajja : [abs. of āsādeti] having approached, insulted or knocked against.