Bahulam to badha

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bahulaṃ : [adv.] mostly; frequently.

bahulatā : [f.] abundance.

bahulatta : [nt.] abundance.

bahulīkata : [pp. of bahulīkaroti] took up seriously; increased. (adj.), practised frequently.

bahulīkamma : [nt.] continuous practice; zealous exercise.

bahulīkaraṇa : [nt.] continuous practice; zealous exercise.

bahulīkari : [aor. of bahulīkaroti] took up seriously; increased.

bahulīkaroti : [bahula + ī + kar + o] takes up seriously; increases.

bahulīkāra : [m.] continuous practice; zealous exercise.

bahullya : [nt.] abundance; luxurious living.

bahuvacana : [nt.] the plural number.

bahuvidha : [adj.] manifold; multiform.

bahuso : [adv.] mostly; frequently; repeatedly.

bahussuta : [adj.] very learned.

bahūpakāra : [adj.] very helpful.

bāṇa : [m.] an arrow.

bāṇadhi : [m.] a quiver.

bādhaka : [adj.] preventing; harassing; obstructing.

bādhakatta : [nt.] the fact of being obstructive.

bādhati : [bādh + a] hinders; obstructs; afflicts; ensnares.

bādhana : [nt.] hindrance; affliction; snaring; catching.

bādhā : [f.] hindrance; prevention.