Baka to bandhava

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baka : [m.] a crane; heron.

bakkhituṃ : [inf. of bhakkhati] to eat; to feed upon.

bajjhati : [pass. of bandhati] is bound or captivated; is caught (in a trap etc.).

battiṃsati : [f.] thirty-two.

badara : [nt.] jujube fruit.

badaramissa : [adj.] mixed with jujube.

badarī : [f.] the jujube tree.

badālatā : [f.] a creeper of sweet taste.

baddha : [pp. of bandhati] bound; trapped; fastened; combined; put together.

baddhañjalika : [adj.] keeping the hands reverently extended.

baddharāva : [m.] the cry of the trapped or caught.

baddhavera : [nt.] contracted enmity. (adj.), having such enmity.

badhira : [adj.] deaf; a person who is deaf.

bandha : [m.] bound; fetter; attachment; imprisonment.

bandhati : [bandh + a] binds; combines; unites; ties on; captures; composes.

bandhana : [nt.] bound; fetter; attachment; imprisonment; binding; bondage; something to bind with.

bandhanāgāra : [nt.] a prison.

bandhanāgārika : [m.] a prisoner; prison-keeper.

bandhanīya : [pt.p. of bandhati] should be combined; should be united.

bandhanta : [pr.p. of bandhati] combining; capturing.

bandhava : [m.] kinsman; relative; relation.