Ban Laemphrathat

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Ban Laemphrathat (Thai: บ้านแหลมพระธาตุ) is a village (muban) in the Nakhon Pa Mak subdistrict of Amphoe Bang Krathum District of Phitsanulok Province, Thailand.


This village takes the name from its temple Wat Laemphrathat (Thai: วัดแหลมพระธาตุ). The first element wat (Thai: วัด) means temple. The second element laem (Thai: แหลม) means sharp or pointy. The third element phra (Thai: พระ) means monk or image of Buddha. The Fourth element that (Thai: ธาตุ) means essence. As a whole, the temple's name loosely translates to Temple of the Sharp Buddha Relic, and accordingly the name of the town village means Village of the Sharp Buddha Relic.


Ban Laemphrathat is located in the eastern portion of Nakhon Pa Mak.

Wat Laemphrathat

This Theravada Buddhist temple is said to enshrine a relic of the Buddha. It is also the location of one of Nakhon Pa Mak's four elementary schools, Wat Laemphrathat School.

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