Bangladesh Bouddha Bhikkhu Mahasabha

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Bangladesh Bouddha Bhikkhu Mahasabha:

  • Address: G.P.Box # 921 Pancharia Gandha Kuti Vihar, Patiya, Chittagong 4000 Bangladesh
  • Tradition: Theravada
  • Phone: 0088 01818 466343, 0088 01819 620522
  • Fax: 0088 031 610098
  • Main Contact: Ven. Bodhi Mitra Bhikkhu (Phone: 0088 01818 466343)
  • Teacher: H.H. Sanghanayaka (Chief Partiach) S. Dhammapal Mahathera
  • Spiritual Director: H.H. Sanghanayaka (Chief Partiach) S. Dhammapal Mahathera (Phone: 0088-01819-806507)
  • Notes and Events:

Bangladesh Bouddha Bhikkhu Mahasabha, the Supreme Buddhist Sangha Council of Bangladesh, an assembly of Mahasthabir Nikaya, established in 1753.

The main objects of the Organization :

  • A hospital for monks
  • A Bhikkhu Training Center
  • A Meditation Center
  • A Library and Museum
  • A Tipitaka Translation and Publication Center
  • A fund for physically incapable and monks and novices
  • A printing press
  • Arrange Scholarships for training and higher education for monks.
  • Work to establish amity world over discourage proliferation of nuclear weapons
  • A Buddhist monks welfare trust

Important Executives of Bangladesh Bouddha Bhikkhu Mahasabha

Chief Patriach of Bangladesh: H.H. Sanghanayaka, Sasanajyoti, Sangharatna, Mahasaddharmajyotikadhajja S. Dhamma Pal Mahathera, M. A. President: Venerable Prof. Banasree Mahathera M. A. Secretary General: Venerable Bodhi Mitra Bhikkhu M.A.