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  • Tradition: Non sectarian
  • Website:
  • Main Contact: Teo Kok Eng
  • Teacher: Course instructor, Vajiro (Richard) Chia,
  • Notes and Events:

Teaches Basic Buddhism Course, Pali Chanting, Meditation, Sutra Discussion and Abhidharma at Phor Kar See Temple every Sarturday and Sunday. This site has direct relation to the following courses conducted at Dharma Hall, Phor Kar See Temple from March to November every year by Vajiro Chia.

Basic Buddhism Course 9 am to 11am Every Sunday Sutra Discussion or Abhidharma 4 pm to 6 pm Every Saturday. Sri Lankaramaya Temple (Every Sunday 4 pm to 6 pm) 30C Saint Michael Road Dharma Hall, Library Phor Kar See Temple 88 Bright Hill Road. (Every Saturday 4 pm to 6 pm) (Every Sunday 9 am to 11am).