Bhaddapada to bhamu

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bhaddapadā : [f.] name of a constellation.

bhaddapīṭha : [nt.] a rattan chair.

bhaddamukha : [adj.] having a hand-some face; complementary address.

bhaddayuga : [nt.] the best pair.

bhaddāru : [m.] a sort of pine, the deodar tree.

bhaddikā : [f.] a well-behaved woman.

bhadra : [adj.] august; auspicious; lucky; good.

bhanta : [pp. of bhamati] swaying; swerving; revolved; whirled about; roamed.

bhantatta : [nt.] confusion; turmoil.

bhante : [voc. of bhadanta] Reverend Sir; O lord.

bhabba : [adj.] able; capable; fit for.

bhabbatā : [f.] ability; fitness.

bhama : [m.] a revolving thing; a whirl pool; swerving.

bhamakāra : [m.] a turner.

bhamati : [bham + a] revolves; whirls about; roams.

bhamanta : [pr.p. of bhamati] revolving; whirling about; roaming.

bhamara : [m.] a wasp.

bhamarikā : [f.] a humming top.

bhami : [aor. of bhamati] revolved; whirled about; roamed.

bhamitvā : [abs. of bhamati] having revolved; having whirled about; having roamed.

bhamu : [f.] the eyebrow.