Bhajaka to bhayapesi

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bhājaka : [m.] one who divides or distribution.

bhājanavikati : [f.] various kinds of dishes or vessels.

bhājīyati : [pass. of bhājeti] is divided or distributed.

bhājetabba : [pt.p. of bhājeti] should be divided; should be distributed.

bhājeti : [bhāj + e] divides; distributes.

bhājetu : [m.] one who divides or distribution.

bhājetvā : [abs. of bhājeti] having divided; having distributed.

bhājenta : [pr.p. of bhājeti] dividing; distributing.

bhājesi : [aor. of bhājeti] divided; distributed.

bhāṇaka : [m.] 1. a reciter of the Scriptures. 2. a big jar.

bhāṇavāra : [m.] a section of the scriptures, containing 8,000 letters.

bhātika : [m.] a brother.

bhātu : [m.] a brother.

bhānu : [m.] 1. light; 2. the sun.

bhānumantu : [adj.] luminous; (m.), the sun.

bhāyati : [bhi + a] is afraid; fears.

bhāyanta : [pr.p. of bhāyati] fearing.

bhāyāpita : [pp. of bhāyāpeti] cuased to frighten.

bhāyāpeti : [caus. of bhāyati] causes to frighten.

bhāyāpetvā : [abs. of bhāyāpeti] having caused to frighte.

bhāyāpesi : [aor. of bhāyāpeti] caused to frighten.