Bhamuka to bhavati

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bhamukā : [f.] the eyebrow.

bhaya : [nt.] fear; fright.

bhayaṅkara : [adj.] dreadful; horrible.

bhayadassāvī : [adj.] realising the danger.

bhayadassī : [adj.] realising the danger.

bhaya-bherava : [adj.] appalling and terrible.

bhayānaka : [adj.] frightful; horrible.

bhayāvaha : [adj.] frightful; horrible.

bhara : [adj.] (in cpds.),supporting. mātāpettibhara = one who supports his parents. || bhāra (m.) a weight; load; burden; charge; task; an affair.

bharaṇa : [nt.] maintenance; bearing.

bharati : [bhar + a] bears; supports; maintains.

bhari : [aor. of bharati] bear; supports; maintains.

bharita : [pp. of bharita] filled with; full of; maintained.

bharitvā : [abs. of bharati] having born; having supported.

bhariyā : [f.] the wife. || bhāriya (adj.) weighty; grave; serious.

bhallātaka : [m.] the marking-nut tree.

bhava : [m.] the state of existence. || bhāva (m.) condition; nature; becoming.

bhavagga : [m.] the highest point of existence or of the universe.

bhavaṅga : [nt.] the sub- consciousness.

bhavacakka : [nt.] the wheel of rebirth.

bhavataṇhā : [f.] craving for rebirth.

bhavati : [bhu + a] becomes; to be; exists.