Bhanita to bhati

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bhaṇita : [pp. of bhaṇati] spoken; told; preached. (nt.) that which was spoken.

bhaṇitabba : [pt.p. of bhaṇati] shoud be spoken; should be told.

bhaṇituṃ : [inf. of bhaṇati] to speak; to tell; to preach.

bhaṇitvā : [abs. of bhaṇati] having spoken; having told.

bhaṇe : [ind.] a term often used for addressing inferiors.

bhaṇḍa : [nt.] good; wares; implements; articles.

bhaṇḍaka : [nt.] good; wares; implements; articles.

bhaṇḍati : [bhaṇḍ + a] quarrels.

bhaṇḍana : [nt.] a quarrel; a dispute.

bhaṇḍāgāra : [nt.] a storehouse or treasury.

bhaṇḍāgārika : [m.] a store keeper or treasurer.

bhaṇḍi : [aor. of bhaṇḍati] quarrelled.

bhaṇḍikā : [f.] a bundle or parcel.

bhaṇḍu : [m.] a person who is shaven.

bhaṇḍukamma : [nt.] shaving.

bhaṇḍeti : [bhaṇḍ + e] quarrel.

bhaṇḍetvā : [abs. of bhaṇḍeti] having quarrelled.

bhaṇḍesi : [aor. of bhaṇḍeti] quarrelled.

bhata : [pp. of bharati] brought up; maintained; reared; born; supported. (m.), a servant. || bhaṭa (m.) a soldier; a constable; a hireling.

bhataka : [m.] a hired servant.

bhati : [f.] wages; fee. || bhāti (bhā + a), shines.