Bhatta to bhaddanta

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bhatta : [nt.] boiled rice; food; meal.

bhattakāraka : [m.] a cook.

bhattakicca : [nt.] taking of meals.

bhattakilamatha : [m.] drowsiness after a meal.

bhattagāma : [m.] a village giving tribute or service.

bhattagga : [nt.] a refectory.

bhattapuṭa : [nt.] a parcel of food.

bhattavissagga : [m.] serving a meal.

bhatta-vissagga-karaṇatthāya : for taking meals.

bhattavetana : [nt.] food and fees.

bhattavelā : [f.] mealtime.

bhattasammada : [m.] drowsiness after a meal.

bhatti : [f.] devotion; belief; attachment.

bhattika : [adj.] devoted; believing in.

bhattimantu : [adj.] devoted; believing in.

bhattu : [m.] a husband; one who support or brings up.

bhadanta : [adj.] venerable; reverend. (m.) a venerable person.

bhadda : [adj.] august; auspicious; lucky; good. || bhaddā (f.) a well-behaved woman.

bhaddaka : [nt.] a lucky or good thing. (adj.), of good quality; lucky.

bhaddakaccānā : [f.] another name for Rāhula's mother, Yasodharā.

bhaddakumbha : [m.] a full pitcher, (accepted as auspicious).

bhaddaghaṭa : [m.] a vessel used in drawing lots in a lottery.

bhaddanta : [adj.] venerable; reverend. (m.; adj.), venerable person.