Bhavana to bhassa

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bhavana : [nt.] becoming; a dwelling place. || bhāvanā (f.) increase; development by means of thought; meditation.

bhavanetti : [f.] craving for rebirth.

bhavanta : [pr.p. of bhavati] becoming; existing. (adj.), prosperous; a polite word often used in the place of "you".

bhavantaga : [adj.] gone to the end of existence.

bhavantagū : [adj.] gone to the end of existence.

bhavantara : [nt.] another existence.

bhavamāna : [pr.p. of bhavati] becoming; existing.

bhavasaṃyojana : [nt.] fetter of rebirth.

bhavābhava : [m.] this or that life.

bhavi : [aor. of bhavati] became; existed. || bhāvī (adj.) going to be; inevitable.

bhavitabba : [pt.p. of bhavati] should be existed.

bhavituṃ : [inf. of bhavati] to become; to exist.

bhavitvā : [abs. of bhavati] having existed.

bhavesanā : [f.] longing for rebirth.

bhavogha : [m.] the flood of rebirth.

bhastā : [f.] the bellows; a leather bag.

bhasma : [nt.] ashes.

bhasmacchanna : [adj.] covered with ashes.

bhassa : [nt.] useless talk.