Bhojane mattannuta

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Bhojane mattaññutā: 'knowing the measure in eating'.

Now, o Bhikkhus, the Bhikkhu wisely reflecting partakes of his foodfood, neither for pastime, nor for indulgence, nor to become beautiful or handsome, but only to maintain and support this body, to avoid harm and to assist the Noble life, knowing: 'In this way I shall dispel the former pain of hunger, etc. and no new pain shall I let arise, and long life, blamelessness and ease will be my share ' This, o Bhikkhus, is knowing the measure in eating. A. III. 16. How o Bhikkhus, would it be possible for Nanda to lead the absolutely pure life of Nobility, if he did not watch over his senses and did not know the measure in eating? A. VII, 9.


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