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King Bimbisara was a king of the Magadha empire from 543 BC to his death and belonged to the Hariyanka dynasty.

There are many accounts of Bimbisara in the Jain texts and the Buddhist Jatakas, since he was a contemporary of Mahavira and the Buddha. He acquired Anga and placed it under the viceroyalty of his son Ajatashatru, with its capital at Champa. King Bimbisara met Buddha for the first time when Buddha wasn't enlightened yet, and later became an important disciple of Buddha, according to the Buddhist scriptures. He is recorded to have attained sotapannahood, a degree of enlightenment in Buddhist teachings. However, the Jain scriptures say he was a Jain.

As per Jainism texts, he is referred to as King Shrenik of Rajgrih.Bimbisar sent Jeewak to Ujjain for medical treatment of King Prodyot,the king of Avanti.

Tradition tells us that Bimbisara was imprisoned by his son Ajatashatru who is said to have starved him to death. This is reported to have taken place around 491 BC.