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bodhi-pakkhiya-dhamma [bodhi-pakkhiya-dhammaa]: "Wings to Awakening" seven sets of principles that are conducive to Awakening and that, according to the Buddha, form the heart of his teaching: [1] the four frames of reference (see satipatthana); [2] four right exertions (sammappadhana) the effort to prevent unskillful states from arising in the mind, to abandon whatever unskillful states have already arisen, to give rise to the good, and to maintain the good that has arisen; [3] four bases of success (iddhipada) desire, persistence, intentness, circumspection; [4] five dominant factors (indriya) conviction, persistence, mindfulness, concentration, discernment; [5] five strengths (bala) identical with [4]; [6] seven factors for Awakening (bojjhanga) mindfulness, investigation of phenomena, persistence, rapture (see piti), serenity, concentration, equanimity; and [7] the eightfold path (magga) Right View, Right Attitude, Right Speech, Right Activity, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, Right Concentration.