Bubhukkhita to bodheti

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bubhukkhita : [pp. of bubhukkhati] wished to eat.

beluva : [m.] the tree Aegle Marmelos.

beluvapakka : [nt.] a ripe fruit of Marmelos.

beluvalaṭṭhi : [f.] a young Marmelos tree.

beluvasalāṭuka : [nt.] unripe fruit of Marmelos.

bojjhaṅga : [nt.] a factor of knowledge or wisdom.

bodha : [m.] enlightenment; knowledge.

bodhana : [nt.] enlightenment; knowledge.

bodhanīya : [adj.] capable of being enlightened.

bodhaneyya : [adj.] capable of being enlightened.

bodhi : [f.] supreme knowledge; the tree of wisdom.

bodhiṅgaṇa : [(bodhi + aṅgaṇa) nt.] the courtyard in which a Bo-tree stands.

bodhita : [pp. of bodheti] awakened; enlightened.

bodhipakkhika : [adj.] belonging to enlightenment.

bodhipakkhiya : [adj.] belonging to enlightenment.

bodhipādapa : [m.] the Bo-tree; the Ficus Religiosia.

bodhipūjā : [f.] offerings to a Bo-tree.

bodhimaṇḍa : [m.] the ground under the Bo-tree, where the Buddha sat at the time of His enlightenment.

bodhimaha : [m.] offerings to a Bo-tree.

bodhimūla : [nt.] the foot of the Bo-tree.

bodhirukkha : [m.] the Bo-tree; the Ficus Religiosia.

bodheti : [budh + e] awakens; enlightens.