Buddhistisches Kloster Freising

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Buddhistisches Kloster Freising (Buddhist Monastery of Freising):

A Theravada monastery in the Bavarian town of Freising near Munich. The recently established local Buddhist community of German speaking people signed a rental agreement for a tiny house on Cathedral Hill (Domberg), at the very heart of Freising an ancient place for religious study and practice in Bavaria. Here we will have space to invite three bhikkhus to study, practice and teach the Buddha Dhamma in a very traditional and very Catholic town. (The present Pope received his ordination as a priest in the cathedral right next door!). Surrounded by many forests ideal for secluded meditation during the day, Freising is situated at the lovely river Isar with lush meadows and river forests. The town itself is of the size that everything can be reached by foot and daily alms round can be part of the monastic life rhythm. Munich (40 km) and Munich airport (2 km) are very close and easy to reach yet the business of the Bavarian capital does not disturb the quiet and the gemuetlichkeit of a town boarding on the Bavarian countryside.

This new city monastery is thought to be the founding stone for the development of a Theravada study center and thus supplements the recently founded more remote forest monastery Muttodaya (monks) and the mountain monastery Anenja Vihara (nuns). The monastery in Freising aims to serve as a city residence for all monks when they come to teach in Munich or as a stop over on their way to the airport. We hope to be able to offer separate accommodation for nuns soon.

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