Bujjhitu to buddharamsi

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bujjhitu : [m.] one who awakes or becomes enlightened.

bujjhitvā : [abs. of bujjhati] having known; having understood; having perceived.

buḍḍhatara : [adj.] older.

buddha : [pp. of bujjhati] known; understood; perceived. (m.), one who has attained enlightenment; the Enlightened One. || buḍḍha (adj.) aged; old.

buddhañāṇa : [nt.] the boundless knowledge.

buddhakārakadhamma : [m.] the practices bringing about Buddhahood.

buddhakāla : [m.] the time when a Buddha appears.

buddhakolāhala : [m.] the announcement about coming of a Buddha.

buddhakkhetta : [nt.] the sphere where a Buddha's power exists.

buddhaguṇa : [m.] virtues of a Buddha.

buddhaṅkura : [m.] one who is destined to be a Buddha.

buddhacakkhu : [nt.] the faculty of complete intuition.

buddhatta : [nt.] the state of a Buddha.

buddhantara : [nt.] the interval between the appearance of one Buddha and next.

buddhaputta : [m.] a disciple of a Buddha.

buddhabala : [nt.] the force of a Buddha.

buddhabhāva : [m.] the Buddhahood.

buddhabhūta : [pp.] become enlightened.

buddhabhūmi : [f.] the ground of Buddhahood.

buddhamāmaka : [adj.] devoted or attached to the Buddha.

buddharaṃsi : [f.] rays from the person of the Buddha.