Ca to cankama

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ca : [copulative or disjunctive particle] and; then; now.

cakita : [adj.] disturbed; afraid.

cakora : [m.] the francolin partridge.

cakka : [nt.] a wheel; circle; disc; cycle; command.

cakkaṅkita : [adj.] having a wheelmark.

cakkapāṇī : [m.] the God Vishnu (in whose hand is a disc).

cakkayuga : [nt.] a pair of wheels.

cakkaratana : [nt.] jewel wheel of a universal monarch.

cakkavattī : [m.] a universal monarch.

cakkavāka : [m.] the ruddy goose.

cakkavālapabbata : [m.] the (circular) rock supposed to encircle the earth.

cakkavāḷa : [m.; nt.] a world-circle; a solar system.

cakkavāḷagabbha : [m.] the interior of a world-circle.

cakkasamārūḷha : [adj.] having mounted their vehicles (in an emergency).

cakkhu : [nt.] the eye.

cakkhuka : [adj.] having eyes.

cakkhuda : [adj.] one who gives the eye (of understanding).

cakkhudada : [adj.] one who gives the eye (of understanding).

cakkhudhātu : [f.] the element of vision.

cakkhupatha : [m.] the range of vision.

cakkhubhūta : [adj.] possessor of right understanding.

cakkhumantu : [adj.] endowed with eyes.

cakkhulola : [adj.] greedy to see many things.

cakkhuviññāṇa : [nt.] visual cognition.

cakkhuviññeyya : [adj.] to be apperceived by the sense of sight.

cakkhusamphassa : [m.] contact with the vision.

cakkhussa : [adj.] good for the eyes.

caṅkama : [m.] a terraced walk; walking up and down.