Canam to camma

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canaṃ : a particle used to express a portion of a whole: kudācana, sometimes

canda : [m.] the moon.

candaggāha : [m.] eclipse of the moon.

candana : [m.] sandal-wood tree. (nt.), sandal-wood.

candanasāra : [m.] the essence of sandal-wood.

candanikā : [f.] a cesspool.

candamaṇḍala : [nt.] the disc of the moon.

candikā : [f.] moonlight.

candimantu : [m.] the moon.

candimā : [m.] the moon.

capala : [adj.] fickle; wavering; unsteady.

capalatā : [f.] fickleness.

capu-capu-kārakaṃ : [adv.] making such a sound while eating or drinking.

camara : [m.] the yak ox (in the Himalayan regions). || cāmara (nt.) a chowrie; the tail of the yak used as a whisk.

camarī : [m.] the yak ox (in the Himalayan regions).

camū : [f.] an army.

camūnātha : [m.] a general of an army.

camūpati : [m.] a general of an army.

campaka : [m.] the tree Michelia Champaka.

campā : [f.] name of a town in India; present Bhagalpore.

campeyyaka : [adj.] belonging to Campā.

camma : [nt.] a hide; leather.