Cankamati to candali

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caṅkamati : [kam + ṃ - a; kam is doubled and the former k is changed to c] walks up and down.

caṅkamana : [nt.] a terraced walk; walking up and down.

caṅkamanta : [pr.p. of caṅkamati] walking up and down.

caṅkami : [aor. of caṅkamati] walked up and down.

caṅkamitvā : [abs. of caṅkamati] having walked up and down.

caṅgavāra : [m.] milk-strainer.

caṅgoṭaka : [m.] a casket.

caccara : [nt.] a courtyard; a cross road.

cajati : [caj + a] lets loose; abandons; gives up.

cajana : [nt.] leaving aside; abandonment.

cajanta : [pr.p. of cajati] letting loose; abandoning.

cajamāna : [pr.p. of cajati] letting loose; abandoning.

caji : [aor. of cajati] let loose; abandoned; gave up.

cañcala : [adj.] unsteady; moving.

caṭaka : [m.] a sparrow. || cātaka (m.) a hornbill.

caṇaka : [m.] gram

caṇḍa : [adj.] fierce; violent; passionate.

caṇḍasota : [m.] violent stream.

caṇḍahatthī : [m.] a fierce elephant.

caṇḍāla : [m.] an outcaste or untouchable.

caṇḍālakula : [nt.] the lowest caste.

caṇḍālī : [f.] a caṇḍāla woman.