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The Cullavagga is the second part of the Khandhaka, the second book of the Theravadin Vinaya Pitaka.

The Cullavagga has 12 chapters:

  1. the first deals with various procedures to be followed in dealing with badly behaved monks
  2. the next deals with probation for monks guilty of certain offences (see Suttavibhanga)
  3. the next chapter deals with the case where a monk on probation commits a further offence
  4. explanation of the seven rules for settling disputes (see Suttavibhanga)
  5. minor matters
  6. lodgings
  7. schism; this chapter starts with the story of Devadatta, the Buddha's fellow clansman (cf. Judas Iscariot); he starts by inviting the elderly Buddha to retire and appoint him in his place; when this is refused he makes three attempts to assassinate the Buddha; when these fail he asks the Buddha to impose strict practices, on the monks; when this is refused he leads a schism
  8. observances; various duties
  9. a monk may suspend the recitation of the Patimokkha if another monk has an offence unconfessed
  10. nuns; the Buddha, after being asked seven times, finally agrees to establish an order of nuns, but warns that it will weaken the teaching and shorten its lifetime, and imposes strict rules subordinating nuns to monks
  11. shortly after the Buddha's death, Kassapa holds a council at which the teachings are recited; Upali answers questions on the vinaya and Ananda on the dhamma
  12. a century later a dispute arises on various points, mainly on the acceptance of gold and silver; another council is held which agrees on the stricter position, after receiving advice from an aged pupil of Ananda

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