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The Mahavagga is the first part of the Khandhaka, the second book of the Theravadin Vinaya Pitaka.

The Mahavagga has 10 chapters:

  1. the first chapter is simply called the great chapter; it starts with a narrative beginning immediately after the Buddha's enlightenment and telling of the beginning of his preaching and foundation of the order of monks; it goes on to give rules on ordination and related matters
  2. the second deals with the recitation of the Patimokkha, which is to take place every half month (at new and full moons) wherever there is a quorum of four monks
  3. then comes provision for the retreat for three months in the rainy season, when monks are supposed to stay in one place except for specified reasons
  4. at the end of the retreat they must invite their colleagues to say if they have any criticisms of their behaviour
  5. the fifth chapter is called the chapter on hides and deals with various topics
  6. the next chapter is on medicines; a passage authorizing inhalation of smoke through a tube is used by some modern monks to justify smoking
  7. the next chapter is called kathina, the process of making up robes, but is in fact about the exemptions granted monks from certain rules in consequence of this
  8. robe material
  9. a dispute between monks at Campa
  10. a dispute at Kosambi