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Buddhist temples and Dhamma meditation centers around the world. Most entries are Theravada temples and centers and also some of the landmark temples and centers from other traditions. Many of the Thich Nhat Hanh groups are included here too because that tradition blends Zen with Theravada mindfulness. Some Buddhayana or non sectarian groups and temples are also included since they include Theravada as part of a mixed practice.

In addition to subcategories of continents, regions, nations, provinces, states, there are several other subcategories such as Buddhist info websites and Buddhist forums, because they provide information for spreading the Dhamma and in modern times are becoming more of the temple of choice for many people to get information and even discuss the Dhamma on forums, such as Dhamma Wheel.

For non-English speaking nations, only the major temples are shown in the interest of space and perhaps interest since this is an English language encyclopedia. Additions, modifications, suggestions, welcomed, just Email to the address on the Main Page.

Included in the pages section below are those landmark temples and also those temples with a global reach, not necessarily specific to a certain country or state.