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Dharma Wheel is a Buddhist online forum, specializing in the Mahayana schools of Buddhism.

It was created on April 6, 2009 by Dr. David Snyder. It is a place to discuss any aspect of the Dharma or for Buddhism in general.

Affiliation with Dhamma Wheel

DharmaWheel.net is affiliated with, a sister site with DhammaWheel.com. It was created from the success of Dhamma Wheel in an effort to allow for Mahayana Buddhists to discuss Buddhism, whereas the Dhamma Wheel forum focuses on the Theravada.

Dharma Wheel milestones

  • April 2009: DharmaWheel.net is created.
  • October 2009: Over 100 members and over 3,000 posts.
  • June 2011: Over 1,000 members and over 45,000 posts.

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