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Dipa Ma (1911-1989) taught vipassana from her humble small home in India. She mastered the jhanas of Theravada meditation and taught at major retreat centers as well in India, Europe, and the U.S. She taught Sharon Salzberg, Joseph Goldstein, and Jack Kornfield, all of whom became one of the first western born teachers of Buddhism in America.


  • You have seen me. I was disheartened and broken down due to the loss of my children and husband, and due to disease. I suffered so much. I could not walk properly. But now, how are you finding me? All my disease is gone. I am refreshed, and there is nothing in my mind. There is no sorrow, no grief. I am quite happy. If you come to meditate, you will also be happy. There is no magic to Vipassana, only follow the instructions.
  • My worldly concerns are not a hindrance, because whatever I do, the meditation is there. It never really leaves me. Even when I'm talking, I'm meditating. When I'm eating or thinking about my daughter, that doesn't hinder the meditation.
  • Women can go more quickly and deeper in the practice of Vipassana than men because your minds are more supple. Women's tendency to be more emotional is not a hindrance to practice.
  • Choose one meditation practice and stick with it. If you want to progress in meditation stay with one technique.
  • Meditate every day. Practice now. Don't think you will do more later.
  • Any situation is workable. Each of us has enormous power. It can be used to help ourselves and help others.
  • Practice patience. Patience is one of the most important virtues for developing mindfulness and concentration.
  • Free your mind. Your mind is all stories.
  • Cool the fire of emotions. Anger is a fire.
  • Have fun along the way. I am quite happy. If you come to meditate you will also be happy.
  • Simplify. Live simply. A very simple life is good for every thing. Too much luxury is a hindrance to practice.
  • Cultivate the spirit of blessing. If you bless those around you this will inspire you to be attentive in every moment.
  • It's a circular journey. Meditation integrates the whole person.