Fukien Monk Attire Stitching Group

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Fukien Monk Attire Stitching Group:

  • Address: Liao & Chen Factory, 112#, Hei-bin East Road, Ze Rong County, Nin De, Fujian Province 355300 China
  • Tradition: Non sectarian
  • Affiliation: Dharma Friendly Chinese Culture Foundation
  • Phone: (+86)592 6879778
  • Fax: (+86)592 5282980
  • Website: Http://www.liaochen.com
  • Main Contact: Fisher Liao (Phone: (86)13400623668 phone/SMS)
  • Notes and Events:

This is a group consisting of hundreds of devotee seamstress. The monk(nun)'s liturgical and daily robes available are:

25 panel(stripe) kesa, 9 - panel kesa, 7 - panel kesa(chi yi), 5 - panel, 3 - panel kesa, man yi, hia qing(hai qing, hia ching)/ the full-sleeve monk robe, cheong-sam/the long-sleeve monk robe) all in the tradition of Chinese Buddhism

Samue, Koromo / Hoi, Hakue /Juban, Rakusu(Abbreviated Mini Kesa), O-kesa(Kasaya) Soto /Rinzai Zen Clothing, Tendai & Shingon

Lama's Robes from the Tibetan Buddhist schools

Monk Accessories: monk bags, monk shoes, monk leggings, monk hat, zabuton / zafu mat, Juzu bag, kesa storage bag, Dharma banners, table enclosure and other embroidery works.

English: http://stores.ebay.com/MonkRobes