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Great Determination Hermitage is a bhikkhuni residence situated on five acres in Stewart, Ohio. Ven. Bhikkhuni Maduka leads this budding monastery with assistance from samaneri Sister Dhammatara. These two American women entered Buddhist monastic life through the Soto Zen tradition but found themselves irresistibly drawn to Theravada Buddhism.

The Great Determination Hermitage is open to visitors who would like to live mindfully, listen to the dhamma, learn Qi Gong, and practice meditation. The accommodations reflect simplicity. The plumbing is primitive. There is no running water and electricity is limited. Ven. Maduka and Samaneri Dhammatura wish to be of service and hope you accept their loving and respectful invitation to practice at Great Determination.

Ven. Maduka considers it fortunate to be present at this time in history when the Buddhadhamma is growing in the West. She is keenly aware, however, that there is much work yet to do in spreading the Dhamma, especially in the rural Midwest. Ven. Maduka and Samaneri Dhammatara aspire to follow the Vinaya with as much scrupulousness and fidelity as possible. Right now, though, Sister Dhammatara is obliged to work as a nurse to pay much of Great Determination's monthly expenses.

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