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Maha Bodhi Las Vegas is a Dhamma center in Las Vegas, Nevada. A Maha Bodhi Temple replica has been built on the grounds of the property. The structure is one of only a few temples with the Maha Bodhi replica design outside of Asia.

Maha Bodhi Temple replica


The Maha Bodhi Temple replica on the grounds of Maha Bodhi Las Vegas is a unique design with burgundy and yellow-gold colors to match the culture / motif of the Southwestern states of the U.S. Here are some key features:

  • 37 feet high [same number as the 37 factors of enlightenment] (metric = 11.3 meters)
  • Four smaller slender pyramids in the corners with one larger slender pyramid in the center; similar design to the original Maha Bodhi Temple
  • Open pavilion design, which may actually be the design King Ashoka used in the original temple
  • Large sitting Buddha inside 6 feet 6 inches high (2 meters)
  • Surrounded by grass (synthetic due to the desert climate) and plants, similar to the original
  • A fig tree to the side of the replica; a similar species to the Bodhi Tree, which is also a fig tree
  • Several acacia trees, pine trees, and other trees are also on the grounds of the property, similar species to the trees previous Buddhas sat under (see: Bodhi Tree)
  • Construction completed on April 6, 2012 the full moon day of April 2012 (not planned, just happened due to construction company's schedule)


The private home of Dhamma Wiki and Vipassana Foundation founders David N. Snyder and Woinishet Snyder, for additional use as a Dhamma center and retreat center. The property, websites and other Dhamma related activities are all in private name, not this or any other charity name and no funds are solicited as all are paid by the owners. The facilities include 2.6 acres (10,500 sq. meters or 1.05 hectares) in central Las Vegas with a large meditation hall, Maha Bodhi Temple replica and walking trails.

  • Occasional programs with visiting monks or nuns and retreats; no regular schedule currently.