Maha Bodhi replicas

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Since the Maha Bodhi Temple is the holiest place in Buddhism, there have been several replicas of the temple made over the centuries. So far there have been about 44 temples made which are similar in design and perhaps a few others from ancient times no longer standing:

A unique replica at Maha Bodhi Las Vegas with burgundy and yellow-gold colors

Gallery of photos of the Maha Bodhi Temple Replicas

There may be at least another 20 or more in Myanmar (Burma), not shown here. For a complete list, including photos, see:

Distribution of Maha Bodhi replicas by nation

Nation Number of replicas
Burma 23
Thailand 9
U.S.A. 4
India 2
China 2
Japan 1
Nepal 1
Sri Lanka 1
Korea 1

Souvenir replicas

Buddhist next to a gold Maha Bodhi replica, close-up to the right
A souvenir Maha Bodhi Temple replica, 36 cm (14 in.)

At Bodh Gaya, India there are several shops and street vendors that sell souvenir replicas of the Maha Bodhi Temple. Some are made of wood, stone, marble, and plaster.

Most of the souvenir replicas range in size from 5 cm (2 in.) to 20 cm (8 in.). Currently they are difficult to locate outside of India, with only a few shops and temples outside of India offering the souvenir Maha Bodhi Temple replicas for sale.