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Maha Maya or Maya (the prefix Maha is Pali for 'great' usually reserved for important historical figures or senior venerables) was the name of Siddhattha Gotama’s mother. She was born as the daughter of A¤jana of Devadaha and later became the second wife of Suddhodana, the elected ruler of the sakyan tribe. There is very little information in the scriptures about Mahà Màyà because she died seven days after Siddhattha’s birth. Tradition says that on the night she conceived she dreamt of a white elephant. It also says that she was over forty years old at the time.

She was reborn to a heavenly realm and the Buddha went to that realm after enlightenment to teach her higher psychological-scientific teachings (Abhidhamma).

See also

  • Lumbini, where Maya gave birth to the future Buddha
  • In Majjhima Nikaya, discourse 123, there are legends mentioned surrounding Maha Maya's qualities and birth event, see: MN 123 Acchariya Abbhuta Sutta