Mahabodhi World Peace Buddha Temple

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Mahabodhi World Peace Buddha Temple, Bangalore, India
The main hall can seat 500

Mahabodhi World Peace Buddha Temple, also known as Loka Shanthi Buddha Vihara, is a delightful shrine situated at Bangalore, Karnataka, India. It is a replica of the famous Maha Bodhi Temple at Bodh Gaya, built by Emperor Ashoka over 2300 years ago. This modern monument is an outstanding example of the best of Indian and Buddhist art and architecture and was built in 1956.

Mahabodhi World Peace Buddha Temple is a unique institution in South India and is also an ideal place for worship and meditation. It is an important center of pilgrimage for devotees from all over India and abroad. The temple is a repository for knowledge of Buddhism.

The spacious shrine hall of the temple with a large statue of Buddha was donated by the Thai royalty. Its walls are exquisitely garnished with 24 beautiful paintings illustrating the significant occasions in the life of Buddha. The hall can accommodated about 500 people at a time. Observances, discourses and meditation practices are conducted here. The temple also features a community hall with stage facilities for social functions, artistic and cultural shows, seminars and Dhamma-study activities.

Mahabodhi World Peace Buddha Temple is managed by Mahabodhi Society of Bangalore.