Manuel De Peppe

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Manuel De Peppe (1970- ) is an Italian actor, musician, composer, and producer. He spent the majority of his career as an actor and singer, but in 2003 moved to the United States primarily to act as a composer, music producer, and arranger.

Manuel De Peppe was born in Milan, Italy in 1970. He spent most of his earlier years studying acting, music, dubbing, vocal, piano, and drums at the CTA Academy of Milan, and at age 14 he passed the SIAE composers examination. Around the same time, he began to work in advertising, acting in commercials and as a model in fashion photography. He spent two years doing this work before getting his first major television role.

Manuel lives in New York, he's married and he has 2 sons. He also became a Buddhist in 2011. He's also a vegetarian.