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Matthew Flickstein, Ph.D. is a teacher of insight (Vipassana) meditation. He was formerly a psychotherapist, and at one time was ordained as a Buddhist monk in the Theravada tradition. Flickstein’s primary teacher has been the Venerable Bhante Henepola Gunaratana.

In 1982, Flickstein and Bhante Gunaratana co-founded the Bhavana Society Monastic and Meditation Center in West Virginia.

In 1993 he founded the Forest Way, a non-profit organization that provides a variety of retreat opportunities designed to nurture authentic spiritual growth. One of its guiding principles is to support a unified vision of spirituality in the world.

In 2007, Flickstein embarked on an ambitious path to produce a series of documentary films to promote spirituality and peace... the first of which is titled "With One Voice: The Meeting Point of All Spiritual Traditions," aka "Voices of Truth." The program interviews mystics and spiritual leaders from fifteen different traditions to attempt to discover the common truth among all faiths.

Buddhist publications

  • Journey to the Center, Wisdom Publications 1998. ISBN 9780861711413
  • Swallowing the River Ganges, Wisdom Publications 2001. ISBN 9780861711789
  • The Meditator's Atlas, Wisdom Publications 2007. ISBN 9780861713370

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