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Mireuksa was the largest Buddhist temple in the ancient Korean kingdom of Baekje. The temple established in 602, by the King Mu. It is site was excavated in 1980 in Iksan City in South Korea. The excavation disclosed many hitherto unknown facts about Baekje architecture. The stone pagoda at Mireuksa is one of two extant Baekje pagodas. It is also the largest as well as being among the oldest of all Korean pagodas.

The legend of the creation of Miruke-sa is told in the Samguk Yusa. King Mu and his queen were said to have seen a vision of the Maitreya Buddha at a pond on Mount Yonghwasan. The King promptly had the pond drained to establish the Mireuksa temple complex. The nine-storey wooden pagoda that once stood in the center of the complex is said to have been the work of Baekje master craftsman Abiji.

Designated South Korean Historic Site No. 150, Mireuksa has been partially restored and now includes a museum..